24th May 2015

7-11 years
1st Darcie Donaldson – NSW
2nd Beverley Chiu – VIC
3rd Phoebe Clark – VIC
4th Charlotte Finlay – NSW
5th Hayley Whitehill – NSW
6th Aysha Ordenes – VIC

12-15 Years
1st Molly Coleman -NSW
2nd Kathryn Attlier – VIC
3rd Isabella Clark – VIC
4th Alita DiGusto – SA
5th Kiara DiGusto – SA
6th Charlotte Mayo – NSW

16,17,18 Years
1st Holly Keir – NZ
2nd Sarah DeBruin – NZ
3rd Victoria Goode – WA
4th Ashley Draper – TAS
5th Orla Gray – ACT
6th Ava Tollard – NSW

19 years & Over
1st Rebecca Smith – NSW
2nd Louise Johnston – QLD
3rd Tessa Bond – TAS
4th Rebecca Moore – NSW
5th Meredith Long – NSW
6th Sabrina Musynski – NSW

23rd May 2015

16 & Over
1st Rebecca Smith
2nd Felicity Warren
3rd Amelia Greig
4th Aaron Kerr
5th Rebecca Moore
6th Orla Gray

12-15 years Championship
1st Molly Coleman
2nd Charlotte Mayo
3rd Kelsie Clarke
4th Nicole Cowling
5th Ann-Maree Irvine
6th Ailish McPherson

1st Darcie Donaldson
2nd Charlotte Finlay
3rd Hayley Whithall

Results of SDAA Eastern Australian Championships 

27th May 2012
St Scholastica’s College Glebe

12 years and under

1st Molly Coleman NSW
2nd Lara Bentley Vic
3rd Steffaney Treadwell NSW
4th Charlotte Mayo NSW
5th Isabella Clarke Vic
6th Kelsie Clarke NSW

13-15 years

1st Liam Elphick NZ
2nd Courtney Clarke NSW
3rd Shennae Webster NSW
4th Cailin Pascoe NSW
5th Georgia Dyson NSW
6th Sophie Hogan NSW

16-18 years

1st Jacqui Houlihan Vic
2nd Rebecca Smith NSW
3rd Shannon Elphick NZ
4th Hayley Clarke NSW
5th Rebecca Moore ACT
6th Sara Hill NSW



19 years and over

1st Louise Johnston Qld
2nd Shannon Reinhard NSW
3rd Ailsa McKeon Qld
4th Jessica Girvan ACT
5th Shelley Keating NSW
6th Felicity Warren NSW


SDAA Eastern Australian Championships

Results of SDAA Championships closed to NSW and ACT
26th May 2012
St Scholastica’s College Glebe

12 years and under
1st Molly Coleman NSW
2nd Steffaney Treadwell NSW
3rd Charlotte Mayo NSW
4th Kelsie Clarke NSW
5th Benjamin O’Callaghan NSW
6th Caitlin Paine NSW

13-15 years
1st Shennae Webster NSW
2nd Courtney Clarke NSW
3rd Cailin Pascoe NSW
4th Georgia Dyson NSW
5th Mhairi Gorman NSW
6th Sherridan Lown NSW

16 years and over
1st Rebecca Smith NSW
2nd Jessica Girvan ACT
3rd Shannon Reinhard NSW
4th Shelly Keating NSW
5th Felicity Warren NSW
6th Rebecca Moore ACT